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Five Feet

by Wyatt Naoki Conlon, Jun Fujisaku, Andre Herrero, Felix Kultau, Haydée Touitou

Feb 25 - Mar 24, 2024

Have you ever joked About your foot fetish Do you prefer one foot Or two feet best How about five feet then Come through the keyhole Welcome in your fetish as only One can enjoy at a time Feet to fit your palm Because we know about Your hand fetish too - Haydée Touitou

"Cabriole legs" refer to the legs of chairs or tables designed with the motif of animal legs. The term "Cabriole" originates from the French ballet term, meaning the shape of the legs during a leap, carrying the connotation of bouncing or leaping. Cabriole legs not only provide visual decoration but also bring lightness and nimble They are delicate yet sturdy legs, designed to be both elegant and functional, offering excellent mechanics. The ground beneath us sometimes feels shaky, from personal matters to societal situations. For this exhibition, five artists created feet (or feet-like ) that are nimble, delicate yet strong, and able to stand independently.

Artist Profile
Wyatt Naoki Conlon
Wyatt Conlon (b. 1991, Los Angeles, California, USA) is an image-based artist who received his BFA from the University of Southern California in 2013. He uses found and taken sources of imagery to analyze his ancestral history, collective memory and the act of recollection. He is one of three members of The Fulcrum Press, an independent publisher and contemporary gallery based in Los Angeles, California exploring the interplay between photography and other media.
Jun Fujisaku
Born in Chicago in 1991. Spent childhood through school years in the US, Japan, and Thailand. After worked for Shigeru Ban Architects. Established the furniture brand Ball in 2020, where seeks a new form to create a comfortableness. From 2023, enrolled in Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), Contextual design MA 2023 IPSA summer campaign fixture design, Tokyo, Ball exhibition “Billboards”, THINK OF THINGS, Tokyo, Ball exhibition “Special Effects”, LICHT gallery, Tokyo, 2022 Exhibition design for “Future Original”, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Fixture design for “150 Years in the Future, Gakken pavilion”, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo, 2021 Fixture design for “IFFT interiorlifestyle living, Aichi Design Vision”, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Group exhibition “Spiral Independent Creators Festival 22”, SPIRAL, Tokyo
Andre Herrero
Andre Herrero is an architect and designer living in Los Angeles. Andre received his architectural training at the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked for David Chipperfield Architects, SANAA, and SO-IL before starting his own firm in 2014. Andre's practice considers all aspects of the built environment, from site plan to furniture. Working in various typologies - including buildings, set designs, stores, and houses - he endeavors to consider divergent art forms and the experiences of multiple senses, aiming to create spaces that become worlds unto themselves.
Felix Kultau
1984 in Hanau, lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo and group exhibitions include 2024 Galerie Droste, Paris France SHIVER, Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
2023 Heavy Meta/Shadowland, Kunstverein Oldenburg, Germany (with Jagoda Bednarsky) Mad Honey Mountain, Åplus Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2022 Nachtstücke, Grisebach F27, Berlin, Germany (with Jagoda Bednarsky) 2021 occultau, Kunstverein zu Assenheim, Schloss Assenheim, Niddatal. He received his MA from Städelschule Frankfurt/Mthe 2015 and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf 2013.
Haydée Touitou
An author and translator, Haydée Touitou began experimenting with poetry in 2019, her work appearing in multiple publications. In March 2020, We Have Been Meaning To, a book of poetry by Haydée and photographs by Marie Déhé was published by Art Paper Editions. The pair followed a year later with a poster with September Books titled "Self-Help", now a video installation. In the last couple of years, Haydée attended a series of residencies where she experimented with still life poems, resulting in two books, In Constant Hilarity published in 2021 with Thoughts Of Me Press and Still Life Poems / Poèmes Nature Morte published in a bilingual edition with Pois é in 2023. Haydée also develops her practice beyond with her poetry being shown during group exhibitions in galleries. Through the art world, she has become more and more involved with education, hosting writing workshops in museums and other institutions around Europe. Haydée also teaches Storytelling and Creative Writing at The New School - Parsons Paris.